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We work with CEOs in NY/NJ/CT with $10-100 million in revenue who are stuck in the “Growth Trap.”  If you’re frustrated with your growth rate, feel like you’re working too hard for not enough return, and know there’s a better way to scale but haven’t found it yet – that’s exactly where you are!

You know there’s a better way
It feels like a frustrating vicious cycle – you take 3 steps forward and then 2-3 steps right back again.  It may also feel like you’re spinning too many plates and it’s only a matter of time before they start to fall when you’re too exhausted to keep them all going.  You know there is a way to make it all work, but how?

Imagine what would change for you if your team could adopt a proven, sustainable, straightforward framework to run and grow the business faster, more profitably, expending less effort and less time.

Three CEOs Share Their Stories

Competent help is hard to find
Here’s some surprising news:  If you were to do a quick web search to find companies that might be of help, you would find approximately 299,000,000 search “hits” for Strategic Change, 103,000,000 for Business Planning, 84,000,000 for Organizational Development, 36,400,000 for Performance Improvement, 20,800,000 for Management Consultants, 295,000,000 for Consulting Firms, and 43,3000,000 for Business Coaching.

Focus first on your needs
“What in the world,” you might be asking yourself, “am I supposed to do with that volume of information?” “How do I begin to navigate all of this to find the right fit for my organization’s needs?” It will take focus and energy to find the right match for your particular situation, to be sure. But it is doable. To begin to get your bearings, you might take a look at ABOUT YOU, which can be found in links at the top of this page.

Don’t believe me – listen to our clients
Performance Dynamics Group has a very unique, powerful, and low risk approach to help organizations permanently escape the Growth Trap and accomplish what they’re trying to make happen. The most compelling evidence of our impact and value comes directly from our clients, more of whom you’ll hear from on our TESTIMONIALS page. Although many of our differences will become obvious as you browse through our site, please take particular note of the page called OUR UNIQUENESS to explore this in detail.

Yes, it’s still a jungle out there, but…
We know from experience that few problems are insurmountable, and quite often the answers aren’t as far away as they may at first seem. I’m looking forward to the possibility of talking with you, answering your questions, and discussing practical, results-oriented solutions for you and your organization in light of the particular opportunities and challenges you face.

Mark E. Green

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  • You listened to all the issues and implemented a workshop that was exactly what was needed by our group. Your goal setting exercise in particular was very impactful and taught us to look at goal planning in terms of solving obstacles that stand in the way of achievement. We are implementing this concept broadly. The most common phrase during the second day of our conference was, ‘Remember what Mark Green said yesterday…’ That was the first opportunity for us to appreciate your impact, and I am glad that it was so immediate and so visible for me to witness!

    Nora Tsivgas
    Specialty Director - North Region Specialty Markets Account Management
    Pfizer, Inc.
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